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Axopar is the globally renowned Finnish brand of premium range multi award-winning motorboats developed by passion for adventure and outdoors for you to experience more on your journeys, that’s known across international markets for its cutting-edge looks. Premium Power Sport Limited represents Axopar in Malta

Ever since the Axopar 28 range caught the public’s imagination for the first time at its world premiere on the Helsinki Boat Show in 2014, competitors have tried but nothing has come remotely close to packaging such devastatingly cool looks with an exhilarating driving experience, with incredible value-for-money.

With its long and elongated hull lines and sharp, angular features, suddenly, here was a concept that not only looked like nothing we had seen before, but cleverly conceived ‘modular’ options gave the range full versatility and created wide customer appeal, changing the way people perceived boating almost overnight.

Originally the brainchild of two principal founding partners and majority shareholders, namely, Mr. Jan-Erik Viitala and Mr. Sakari Mattila, both of whom had enjoyed previously diverse careers with other well-known Nordic boating brands. Together with naval architect and designer, Jarkko Jämsen, founding partner of Aivan! design agency, the creation of Axopar Boats was the net-result of many years’ worth of combined experience; in essence a deep understanding of what customers wanted in a new boat and, of equal importance, what they could live without.

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